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Welcome Back, Winter, and Thank You

Friday, December 16th, 2011

It’s been a year or so.  We never caught the one (ones?) who decided to take things illegally from Earl’s home, including a child’s camera, and including what would have been the final versions of our humble pair of winter songs (also a laptop computer).

Yet the unfinished versions survive!!  A year later, it seems they’ve held up pretty well – well enough to be given out for free again, even.  So here: a 100% recycled, paperless, downloadable gift from all the fellas in Lime Colony.

You can even burn ‘em onto a CD, slap a ribbon through the CD’s hole, and turn that ribboned CD into a badass Secret Santa present.

Go on.  Click that link up there and tell grandma and grandpa to crank up the hearing aids.  For Christmas.

Finally, thanks for reading.  To close out this festive update with a real bang, here is a re-link to the video for the second song in last year’s winter offering (Thank You).

Dan Roe made it.  When we saw it, we were blown away.  And we still are.  And we hope you enjoy it once again.

Finally finally, keep checking back here.  We’ll have an update on a January show really soon.


Do Not Drink This Holiday Cheer, Vol. I

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

It’s that time of year again, when the men of Lime Colony make merry, avoid each other for around three straight weeks of vacation, and try and fail to put extra cinnamon sticks into every beverage imaginable.  And now this year’s time-of-year is double special, because we are sharing with you our first EVER release of a single.  It’s a holiday single.  It was stolen by thieves but partially revived.  It has an A-side and a B-side (I’m not sure which song is which).  It’s for you.

As noted above, you should not drink this particular holiday cheer, but we’ll certainly advise you to download it:


Many thanks to Jennifer, who made it known very early on that she thought a holiday album would be a fantastic idea, and who graciously accepted the compromise of a less epic but just as heartfelt holiday single with an A-side and a B-side.  Unless you are a sour-breathed burglar, we sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this free treat, and we sincerely encourage you to share it with friends and family.

Do Not Drink This Holiday Cheer, Vol. I

Warm Wishes,

Lime Colony

Holiday Pleasantries

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

As noted at our various social media locations (Twitter, Facebook, maybe even Myspace), Earl’s house was recently burglarized. The best news to this point is that nobody was harmed, but the damage includes a broken window, two missing laptops, and Earl’s son’s camera.* One of the laptops contained at least 20 hours of mixing work for the holiday single we were hoping to release in the coming days.

In an effort to turn this stocking full of holiday lemons into something a little more ‘ade-ish, and as a big peppermint-flavored middle finger in the faces of pencil-dick burglars across this great country, we are releasing unfinished drafts of both the A and B sides of our single this week, in mp3 downloadable format. (Plan #1 – mailing the thieves a corked wine bottle full of one week’s worth of our farts – ended up being too complicated.)

The single, our first EVER, is titled “Do Not Drink This Holiday Cheer, Vol. I,” and is overflowing with two proudly unpolished recordings. The first, “Lo,” is a Lime Colonized version of a 400-year-old winter hymnal; the second, “Thank You,” is a less-than-400-year-old Lime Colony original. All told, it’s a nice low-key juxtaposition we hope everyone will enjoy as 2010 becomes 2011.

Fuck you, small-time house-burglars.

*Who steals a 4-year-old’s camera?

Thank you

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

To all of the dear and beloved attendees of last night’s show, we extend our deepest gratitude.  The show would have been nothing without you.  Thank you.


Lime Colony