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The Make-Out Room

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

It seems we’re gaining some momentum (p = mv, you guys).  We’re going to be rocking out with our _____ out (use your imagination) at The Make-Out Room (3225 22nd St., SF) on February 24th (bolded for visibility to the tl;dr crowd).  It’s a Friday and it’s early (7:30 pm) and it’s cheap(ish) ($8) and you have to be 21+ (sry, kiddos).  What better way to spend your Friday night at the end of February*?  There will be another band as well (though which hasn’t yet been completely nailed down).

So come on out, feel us out, drink a stout, catch a trout**, apply some grout, fake gout, don’t pout, downspout, flout, scout, snout, and*** make out to the sweet sweet music of Lime Colony (and a heretofore undetermined other band/artist).  We’d love to see you there.




*We can think of several, but they all involve lc.

**Not necessarily trouser.

***We’re (I’m) switching to the Oxford comma.****

****That whole post was tiring to write.


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May 12, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


Friday, January 8th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemens,

We here at Lime Colony headquarters recently learned that…hold on…it’s hard to type when listening to music, even if it is The Heligoats…there…Ok, we learned that we will be kicking off a show with Hail the Sun and Clouds On Strings on Tuesday, January 19th t The Rockit Room. I’ve always really liked rockits.

The show starts at 8. We’d really like to see you there. It’s been months since that one time we met. You know. That one time.

On another musical note (GET IT?!), we’re this close to being done on the new album. Really, like thiiiiis close. So move forward on your seat until you’re pretty much on the edge of it. Good. Now stay there until we announce our CD release show (imminent).


Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

In only a few hours, and for only eight dollars, you will be able to witness live performances by Lime Colony, The Yellow Dress, Passenger & Pilot, and The JJ Schultz Band at “the best place to hear live music in San Francisco” (according to Rolling Stone and In case you don’t read with as much fervor as you should, here are the dirty details:

Doors are at 8:30pm

Cover is $8.00

The Yellow Dress

Lime Colony

Passenger & Pilot

The JJ Schultz Band

Please come.  We will be overjoyed if you do.  Don’t let the rain stop you.  Wear some galoshes, an oilskin jacket, or any combination of the two.  Throw in an umbrella for good measure.


Love, Lime Colony

Lime Colony at Bottom of the Hill! October 13th!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


See us!  Hear us!  Believe us!

If you couldn’t decipher the title of this post, or the silly words above, there is going to be a thunderous rock-and-roll concert in less than a month. It’s going to be at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA.  It’s going to be with The Yellow Dress.  It’s going to be with Passenger and Pilot.  It’s going to be with the JJ Schultz Band.

Fan A: “FOUR bands?”  Fan B: “Our dreams have come true.”  Fan A: “Yep.”

Read on for some more information…


Cover? $8.  Doors? 8:30pm.  Ages? 21+.  The order, chronologically? The JJ Schultz Band; Passenger and Pilot; Lime Colony; The Yellow Dress.

This show was conceived and assembled based on pure, hard, concrete scientific facts.  Equations were sketched and numbers were scattered.  Facial hair was grown and then furiously shaved.  Nothing could make you happier.


Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Don’t forget! Lime Colony tonight at Blondie’s (540 Valencia)! There will be cake and clowns and party hats (maybe).

Show Tomorrow!

Friday, July 31st, 2009

We’re getting our rears in gear, and you should too. Come see the world’s finest collection of musicians ever assembled (Earl, Tim, Colin, and our new bassist, Will) at the Beale Street Bar in SF. Tomorrow night. It will be extreme.

Lime Colony – Live on August 1st

Sunday, July 26th, 2009


We are pleased to announce that we’ll be playing this Saturday, August 1st at the Beale Street Bar and Grill in San Francisco. The show starts at 8:30, $5 cover, 21+ etc.  So put on your weathered, wrinkly old home-made Lime Colony t-shirt – the one you drew on in puff paint (remember puff paint?) – and make a trip to the conveniently and centrally located Beale Street Bar.  Summary and map follow:

Saturday, August 1st (8/1)

Beale Street Bar and Grill, San Francisco, CA

Lime Colony

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Lime Colony! Live! 8/11!

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Wonderful people of the world, rejoice!  Lime Colony is venturing into the spolight once more!  On August 11th, 2009, we will be playing live at Blondie’s Bar and No Grill in San Francisco ( – see map below).  The event is called Collective Tuesday.  There will be a total of 10 (!) bands with musical styles ranging from hip-hop to indie-style rock, but don’t worry, most will play only one or two songs, while we, yes we, will be entertaining with a full 40 minute set.  At the end, in true battle-of-the-bands form, the audience will vote on their favorite band.  This is your night to shine, gentlefans, for you can contribute to the success of this, the greatest folky rocky band ever to come from a combination of Burlingame, Berkeley and Oakland.

Cover is $7,  21+

So come out and show your support for your very favorite band (at least your favorite band that is playing on 8/11 in San Francisco).

-Lime C.


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A little taste of June 20th, 2009

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


Someone recorded our little informal show on 6/20 and we present it to you now:

There’s a bit of wind noise, and, at times, it sounds as though there are 2 or 3 people in the audience.  Don’t worry about that.  Just listen to the rock music and live.

(obligatory picture follows)