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Lime Colony on TV (or radio or something)

Monday, October 22nd, 2012


This next Tuesday, October 30th, the denizens of Lime Colony will appear LIVE on TradioV’s program Lost In Transition.  The plan is to chat with host  Cecilia Castelli and play some tender acoustic musics.  You can watch and listen to it all unfold at at 11:00 am PST.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even break out a song from the new album (currently in the recording phase).

In other (but related, as you’ll see) news, the recording of our next album is well underway.  We’re going to get our musical hands dirty at The Hearing Booth in the coming weeks and will produce for you what we believe will be one of Lime Colony’s three best albums ever.  Stay focused.

With Everlasting Unconditional Love,

Lime Colony, the band

Lime Colony – Review’d

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Beloved Friends,

The nonpareil women and men over at Pirate Cat Ratio have reviewed our recently-released album, Lime Colony.  You can read it >>>>here<<<<.  We encourage you to check it out, if for no other reason than because you care so much.


The album presents a nice exploration of sounds within the folk rock stamp, including an interesting array of instrumentation, with touches of ethereal moog, swelling brass, and, per their myspace page: “walpotar, sansula, accordion, and circus bees.” Well-produced and highly-listenable, Lime Colony is a very solid effort from an ambitious young band, well worth a few rotations for any set of curious ears.

Really, you’re the best friends a band could have.


Lime Colony