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P.S.A. #001 – Taking Inventory

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


This week’s public service announcement is about songs.  Though our EP, The Advantage Of Getting There First, with a total of five songs, is all we have officially recorded as far as you or anyone else knows, Lime Colony actually has a fairly substantial backlog of written, or partially written, material.  Here is a glimpse of the numbers, most of which are mutually exclusive:

Songs that have been performed live but are not on any EP to date - 3

Songs that have been recorded and have some potential or have proven their potential7

Potential songs in the yellow folder that have not been recorded or do not yet have music or need some serious overhaul13

Songs in the blue folder2



Covers we’ve played or seriously considered - 4

That’s all.  Don’t forget to wear reflective gear when riding your bicycle at night.