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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Thanks to Chad and Ryan at Monkey Hate Gomes for the kind words and nuanced inclusion of an old Lime Colony stand-by* on their podcast premier.


And I’m not just thanking them because they happen to share an apartment with me.  It really was very nice of them to include some Lime Colony samples.  Way nicer than the time they ate all of my ice cream from Trader Joe’s without asking but then replaced it (but then ate the replacement ice cream (which still hurts to think about)).

Also, a quick update for those of you yearning for still more Lime Colony news: we’re working as often as we can on songs for our new album.  If I had to estimate when the project will be complete, I’d say summer ’09.  But don’t let the wait get you down in the dumps!  We should have a show or two before then, where you can get an early sampling of some of our newest songs.


Lime Colony

*Lime Colony. “Did Your Mom Hang Up When She Heard It Was You.” The Advantage Of Getting There First. Self-Released, 2008.