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Holiday Pleasantries

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

As noted at our various social media locations (Twitter, Facebook, maybe even Myspace), Earl’s house was recently burglarized. The best news to this point is that nobody was harmed, but the damage includes a broken window, two missing laptops, and Earl’s son’s camera.* One of the laptops contained at least 20 hours of mixing work for the holiday single we were hoping to release in the coming days.

In an effort to turn this stocking full of holiday lemons into something a little more ‘ade-ish, and as a big peppermint-flavored middle finger in the faces of pencil-dick burglars across this great country, we are releasing unfinished drafts of both the A and B sides of our single this week, in mp3 downloadable format. (Plan #1 – mailing the thieves a corked wine bottle full of one week’s worth of our farts – ended up being too complicated.)

The single, our first EVER, is titled “Do Not Drink This Holiday Cheer, Vol. I,” and is overflowing with two proudly unpolished recordings. The first, “Lo,” is a Lime Colonized version of a 400-year-old winter hymnal; the second, “Thank You,” is a less-than-400-year-old Lime Colony original. All told, it’s a nice low-key juxtaposition we hope everyone will enjoy as 2010 becomes 2011.

Fuck you, small-time house-burglars.

*Who steals a 4-year-old’s camera?