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Earl’s 5 minute brain dump #1

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

balls out, rocks on the floor, hammers in the bucket, snakes on the sled, soup in the suitcase, pants in the refrigerator, space cadets on Mt. Everest, cheese on fire, chicken in hand, flies in the popsicle, chin smoking, rat smelling, bottle squeezing, fiery, snotty, bewetted, bespectacled, rotten, trottin’, blottin’ wailing, taking a peek, stinkin’ a week, feeling up beaks, cartooning, crooning, careening, bug smashing, chain stealing, rivet tossing, desk painting, troll in the sauce, dream in your pants, flies under snakes, plane stealing, waffle staining, grass feigning, brain grazing, flippy, flappy, zippy, zappy, crushed pie, sandwich fried, guy wire throwing, trampoline stinging, steel crapping, foot shoveling, eyes in a boat, pickled corn float, giblet filled moat, siren slaughtering, hooker biting, john stomping, pawn chopping, crop flopping, stones next to a duck, whizzing on a truck, slicing through your pants, baboon in a trance, moon with a lance, jumping on the weasel, spilling all the diesel, packing up the easel, drippy, strippy, frippery, crapshoot.

End your summer on a high note: go yachting!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Recently, you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, naked, alarmed and sweaty, standing upright on the matress, with the sheets twisting from the foot of the bed all the way around your ankles… with the sweet taste of some classy bourbon wreathing from the back of your throat…  And when this has happened, you’ve also been squinting your crusty little eyes and asking, “What is Lime Colony doing these days?  Why don’t they talk to me anymore?”

Here are some answers.  Lime Colony has been recording music.  Lime Colony has also been learning on the fly, and striving for perfection.  And so sometimes the old music has been utterly scrapped, and recorded again from the start.  Fresh. 










Things are looking up, though.  One song is almost complete; we’ve acquired a cello; I finished my bag of buffalo-flavored pretzel bits Earl hated so much; Colin made great headway with Bioshock, and even greater headway with his proficiency in new latin-based rhythms on the drums; Earl got a new shirt from Woot (it’s a funny one, but it would be hard to explain right here (and while i could also just put a picture up, that would spoil the mystery and also infringe too much on Earl’s privacy)); and we’ve spent a few weeks here and there on our band yacht just lounging in the sun sharing old war stories, which has been a nice way to finish out the summer.

Here’s a private picture I found of Earl, in our private recording space working on a track:

Sorry the updates have been so slow.  If all goes well, maybe our next post will feature a cut off our new album.

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