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Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Lime Colony is on twitter now.

-e, c, t

An update

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Hello Internet!

As you are probably aware, we have rolled out site v3.0. Site v1 was based on scanned images of scribbles, was composed of tables, and was annoying to update with news, etc. Site v2 was an experiment in CSS. It was more aesthetically pleasing, and it satisfied the webrus who bemoaned the table structure of v1.

Which brings us to v3. After a little experimentation and small bit of time, we have settled on this format. As you can see, it’s more in the style of a blog, and with good reason. We want our listeners not only to hear the music, but to know the Colony. We are you.

We will periodically be posting news, ramblings, music thoughts, reviews, and cetera. And, what’s more, we have an RSS feed, so you can now add us to your favorite reed reader so you know just when we’ve spoken. It’s a good system.

So, in conclusion, we hope you enjoy the site and our musings, and we hope you will love us, as we love you.