About the Band

Lime Colony formed at a college graduation party, before Tim and Earl knew anything about playing guitars. Their previous venture was unmentionable.

Tim, who had returned from an extended sabbatical in Spain (with a well-intentioned but ignoble weekend in Hungary), and who at the time was suffering from a bout of insomnia due to his unyielding distaste for and obsession with warm summer winds, sought refuge in the Communist enclave of Berkeley, CA. There he met up with longtime musical collaborator (notable mostly for a heart-rending rendition of Midnight Cowboy) and armchair pilot Earl, who had moved to the very same community after being expelled from suburbia for non-compliance. By this time, Lime Colony was nearly two years old, and had yet to produce even so much as a name for itself. $70 and two Amazon.com gift certificates later, they had a studio.

Colin was unknown to most for many years, but was lured from obscurity into the spotlight when he heard the siren song of Lime Colony for the first time. Tim and Earl took immediate notice of Colin’s spiky hair and piercings, and, in the interest of rocking harder, he was conscripted. He plays drums.

Bass player Will’s research on heavy ion fusion holds great promise for the future of the world, and now he works daily to expand Lime Colony’s music into the seldom-heard ‘phys-rock’ genre.

Lime Colony has released an EP, The Advantage Of Getting There First (2008), and a self-titled full-length, Lime Colony (2010).