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An Opportunity for YOU!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Good heavens, everyone!

It is with utmost gratitude for your continued fannage that we announce something! It’s not really a contest or competition, neither is it really a sweepstakes or lottery. Well, let’s just get on with it.

For the remainder of Lime Colony’s performances at Retox Lounge in SF (8/17, 9/7, 9/21):

Anyone who posts a picture of the band to our facebook or myspace pages will get a FREE copy of our latest and greatest album, Lime Colony.  Furthermore, anyone who posts both a picture AND a video will get one of the aforementioned LP’s plus our debut EP, The Advantage Of Getting There First.  FREE.

Wow!  A few clarifications: 1) The person posting the photo or video must have personally taken it.  2) We will contact photo-posters with album-delivery details, but 3) you are free to message us directly pointing out your handiwork.

Show notes:

For the 8/17 show at Retox (see our earlier post for full details) Tim and Earl will be playing an entirely acoustic set (SPECIAL!), on a bill with Koozito and Terese Taylor.  If you want to see the full band, well of course you can also do that at Retox on 9/7 and 9/21.

Thanks, and keep on truckin’.


Lime Colony