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July 26th, 2010 by earl


We apologize for our seeming absence.  Really we’ve been here, been here for you, but lurking in the shadows, watching your every move.  Even when you did that one thing.  Yep.

Anyway, we’re pleased to announce a series of shows at The Retox Lounge in San Francisco.  We’ll be playing on the following dates:

  • August 3rd
  • (possibly August 17th – that one’s still being finalized)
  • September 7th
  • September 21st

It promises to be 3 (4?) nights of magic.  We will be making your problems disappear, Houdini-style.  As details firm up, we’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your continued love.  We love you, too.  Completely.  Unconditionally.  A little inappropriately.


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