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Tuesday Rock Face

Friday, August 1st, 2008

The Show

(Dialogue done in classic “Movie Previews Guy” voice)

“A pulse emanated from the Utah on Tuesday night…”

*bass hit, folky yet eerie music*

“A pulse so strong it could not be ignored…”

*double bass hit, music building to crescendo*

“All who came near knew one thing…”

*music drops out suddenly, bright flash*

“Maisy… was going to get burned…”

(Like this. But with fire instead.)

“…also, there is an absolutely bitchin’ deal on Pabst during happy hour, and the mac ‘n’ cheese isn’t half bad. Just tossing that out there in case anyone is buying…”

Alright, so I don’t write movie scripts, but those of you who were there know what happened. The collaborative trio otherwise known as Lime Colony, came, saw, got lost and confused in that back hallway next to the stage, got some directions and a fresh beer, and subsequently conquered using an energetic set and the support of an awesome group of friends, family and one or two sexual deviants.

For those who were there, you guys rocked, thank you for coming. We love you all in extremely platonic fashion, and I think we all feel extremely fortunate to have people like you around. For those who couldn’t make it, I feel like I need to toss on “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men and cry into my goose-down pillow about the sweet, sweet interplanetary music love we used to share.

-This CD is the key to fixing my broken heart...

(These men heal my soul. Except the dude with glasses. I can’t tell what he’s looking at.)

Or we will hopefully catch you at the next show. Whatever sounds less dramatic to you.

But really, the show was a big hit, we had a LOT of fun, and none of us can wait to get back out there and play some more tunes. In the interim, we’ll be heading to our super duper NEWWWWWWWW practice/recording/existential space of reflection in the Mission to start recording and fine tuning and hiding beer behind loose wall panels. That’s right Mom and Dad, no more mid-20′s garage band!

(We were like this. But less cool.)

Please do stay tuned, and we will provide as many updates to this process as possible, including future show dates, where we’re at in recording, how long Earl’s facial hair is and whether or not Tim gets drunk enough to wear his new cowboy boots with boxers and a flannel shirt. Horrifying.

Colin’s Corner

This is a little section where I say something foolish, or talk about things that may or may not have anything to do with the band. It’s a lot like those times that I stand up during the show and mumble things into the mic before Tim can stop me. It’s fun. Moving forward…

So every now and then you run across another blog/website and see some stuff that makes you laugh. I ran across such a place recently, the name of which will not be presented insomuch as the name itself is a bit offensive. If you’re curious, ask me at the next show. At any rate, the gist of the site is to show toolbags/meatheads/beef-rods posing in such asinine, moronic ways, that you could not possibly add more shame to the massive shame-pile they have heaped on themselves. To illustrate the topic, please examine the following:

(What in THE hell is wrong with their lips.)

That’s not pre-fab, and it isn’t a joke. These guys think this looks good. They’re also from one of the most horrible states in the union as far as any sort of taste goes (I’ll give you a hint: The Sopranos).


More posts to come.